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No meetings, no dues, no hassle. The club’s purpose is to motivate you to ride your bike more and to help you reach your peak of fitness. All you need is a bike, a water bottle, and a helmet. A bike computer to record mileage is useful too. So pump up your tires, strap on your helmet, and start peddling.

Bike more miles every month  Here’s how it works:  you set your own goal for the year. At the end of each month we remind you to report the miles you rode. We post a progress chart each month showing each member’s goal and progress. You will be anonymously listed by a “handle” you choose. The chart below will show your progress and let you see how well you do compared to others in your gender and age group. We hope that knowing you have to report some miles (or no miles) every month will be a powerful incentive to ride.

A word about goals

No goal is too small. The only person you compete with is yourself. Some people bike as a secondary exercise to running, walking, or other activity. Some have time constraints with family and job. All these factors leave less time for biking. Set your goal at a comfortable stretch for you.


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Progress Report January 1, 2014


Cumulative Achievements of Cyber Bikers


Bike Safety Tips

Bikers must obey traffic signs and signals just as cars.

Follow lane markings. Don’t turn left from a right lane or go straight in a turn-only lane.

Ride single file

Walk left; ride right

Wear bright colored clothing. Never bike or walk dressed all in black.

Pass on left only. Motorists may not see a bicycle passing on the right.

Use hand signals when you plan to turn or stop. It’s the law.

Scan the road behind you before turning or changing lanes.

Assume that drivers don’t see you until you make eye contact.

Keep both hands ready to brake. Allow extra distance for stopping in the rain.

Look out for sewer grates, low branches, gravel, ice, sand, or debris.

Wear a snug-fitting helmet

Use a blinking front light at night and a rear reflector or taillight.

Never ride with headphones

Great places to ride

These are links to great places to ride your bike near and far. We hope members will report their own discoveries of great trails and spread the joy. We will add more features as the club develops. We encourage members to suggest ideas.

The Airline Trail, CT

Farmington Canal Trail, CT

Farmington Valley Trail, CT

East Bay Trail, RI

Blackstone River Bikeway, RI

Ashuwillticook Rail Trail, MA

Silver Comet Trail, GA