What a Day!

What a day we had for Branford’s third annual “Get the Children Outside” walk! Saturday, December 27, 2014 dawned to be sunny and unusually warm for a winter’s day. As you can see from the slideshow,  about 80 children of all ages showed up and enjoyed this walk! We were especially glad to see so many children, since the Shoreline Greenway Trail is unique in providing families with safe off road hiking and bicycling.
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Third Annual ‘Get the Children Outside’ Winter Walk

Enjoying brisk winter air

 On Saturday December 27, 2014 at 10:00 a.m. all children and families are invited to join us for our Third Annual

‘Get the Children Outside’ Winter Wonderland Walk.

This is a Christmas week walk that gives our children a breath of fresh air and a chance to experience what our trails offer in the Winter.

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Art Johnson
The Branford SGT team is saddened by the loss of founding member and dear friend, Art Johnson.  Art was a regular at our monthly meetings, and we miss his colorful language and humorous anecdotes about his youth in Branford.  He frequently joined us on our First Saturday walks as well as on the Friday morning walks with the Branford Walkers.  Art would be trudging along at his own pace and often surprised the group by coming to the end of the walk ahead of us by following his own path.

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Surprise Work-Party Recruits

Kevin Desiderioscioli, Quint Caruthers, Josh Sansone,

Kevin Desiderioscioli, Quint Caruthers, and Josh Sansone,

Saturday October 25 was a beautiful fall day, perfect for doing anything outside!  Branford’s Trail Maintenance work party (Chet Blomquist, Tony Corso, Leo Cristofer, Jack Wood, and Steve Zaehringer and myself) were just getting started clearing the new Tabor Property trail heading toward Chet’s Pond.  Along came three young gentlemen meandering down the street enjoying their day.  They asked me what we were doing and I told them we were clearing the trail for the Shoreline Greenway Trail.  On a lark, I asked them if they would like to join us.  To my surprise they said ‘yes, we would love to!’  Not wasting any time, we put them to work.  All three, Josh Sansone, Quint Caruthers, Kevin Desiderioscioli  were delightful and very hard workers.  Josh offered to go home and get some additional tools, returning with hedge clippers and a weed whacker, and even water bottles for us all- how thoughtful!   We enjoyed working with all three of these boys and hope to see them again on the trail!  Thank you Josh!  Thank you Quint!  Thank you Kevin! - Jo Zaehringer, SGT board member

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